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The customers can decide how often they do a price change per day. Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) can advise on which are the most appropriate time and best price for your specific strategy in margin and fuel volume.


What an innovative, smart AI-based software can benefit
your day-to-day business?

From a customer point of view, an essential part of fuel or retail business is a “go to” spot due to its competitive pricing. Aicone is a complete solution for B2C enterprises seeking to increase revenue and profit margins to drive top-line growth and profit margins with AI-based software.

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Combining pricing algorithm and best-in-class enterprise software, Aicone’s AI pricing algorithm helps to increase up to 5% to your margin line (compared with traditional rule based pricing).


With our software you can support a seamless integration to your enterprise systems and tailor the products to meet your company’s unique needs.

Aicone’s CRAWLERS can quickly predict market behaviour and AI can deliver real value to retailers willing to use it across operations and within their core functions and  help fuel retailers play to their preferred market position. In our survey, early AI adopters that combine strong digital capability with proactive strategies have higher profit margins and expect the performance gap with other firms to widen in the next quarters.

Yet a retailer cannot rely solely on AI – there needs to be human interaction. Aicone software is an easy-to-use control centre where machine learning and the fuel pricing analyst’s market knowledge intersect to create an effective pricing strategy unique to each store.

We provide our customers with the tools, methods and intelligence for setting optimal prices that maximise revenue and increase profits.

With our smart artificial intelligence (AI) Aicone’s CRAWLERS, it helps our customers for managing multiple complexities to eliminate errors and reduce margin leakage, across the whole pricing optimisation system in real time 24/7.

An ultimate Enterprise software with optimised mobile-experience for managing, controlling and measuring all aspects of your pricing, anytime anywhere.

With innovative pricing methods and sales intelligence solutions that maximise margins and enable businesses to close more deals and more profitably.


All Aspects of Your Pricing




Build a database of historical transactions to teach the software about market dynamics ; add competitors’ info.


Connect software to live feeds of purchase data and other variables such as weather and traffic.


Software compares live data to historical number to predict demands linked to prices.


Owner sets strategy for each fuel at each station, including preferred balance between volume and margin and constraints such as minimum price.


Algorithms determine price for each fuel and automatically adjust pumps throughout the day.


Transactions in reaction to those prices feed back into system to generate new predictions and prices.


Helps You To Detect Fuel Losses With Real-Time Reporting


Wetstock management is the process that a fuel storage operator would use to keep accurate control of the purchase and sales of all fuel delivered and dispensed on their site. These records need to be retained on site for a minimum of 5 years and made available to any local authority or inspector to view when requested.

Aicone’s Wetstock Management Solution is a fully real-time solution, a secure cloud-based application that sending data continuously from your site every minute of every day.
It’s an advanced real-time wetstock control monitoring and analysis solution designed to the early detection of potential problems such as fuel losses, poor operational management, reduce fuel leakages and improve station network gross margins.


As most fuel is stored in underground storage tanks, if there are leaks, it is easier for the fuel to enter the underground water system and the impact of fuel contamination to the environment, but also the impact to site in terms of loss of trade, reputational effects, legal costs and the actual clean up.


It’s very simple. One of our highly trained analysts processes your daily reconciliation data (sales, deliveries, dips), in accordance with our ISO9001:2015 quality system policies and procedures. This results in your EPA compliance report.

We identify anomalies within your data that contribute towards daily variance. We then establish an expected loss/gain pattern for any given tank and line, and from that identify the unaccounted for loss/gain, which is then tested to the EPA threshold of at least +/- 18 litres per day.

Our analytical modeling is based upon localised temperature conditions (country by country), accounting for cyclic and seasonal adjustments, to ensure your data is tested against local conditions.

Our analysts are available to assist with any enquiries you may have, in an effort to identify concerning loss/gain issues as quickly as possible. Our process of analysis also identifies a number of other factors such as water ingress, fraud and meters over/under dispensing.


Aicone Wetstock Software
Ease of Use
Lower Operational Costs
Protecting Your Business & The Environment
Keep Legally Compliant


  • Quick detection to identify losses from leaks, fraud, evaporation and short deliveries
  • Seamlessly integrates with forecourt equipment to collect and consolidate critical data
  • Analyses loss trends over definable periods of time
  • Web access with secure login
  • Web charting and reporting tools
  • Accurately measures levels at each station
  • Provides real-time visibility of network/station/product/tank with current and past levels
  • Flexible report and alerts generator
  • Intuitive graphical dashboard with secure web access from any PC or mobile device
  • Monthly SIRA report (pass / fail / inconclusive, with comprehensive explanation)
  • EPA compliance (helping you stay green)


FCC Features

  • Redundant FCC Communication
  • Range of Dispenser Interface
  • RTOS and Linux Operating System
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Instantaneous Recovery from Shutdown
  • Remote Diagnostic and Application Update
  • Inbuilt Internal Battery Backup
  • Inbuilt ATG Interface Card
  • Aicone Smart Fuel Web based BOS
  • CMBO FCC – No need to have addiitional back office HW
  • True infinite read and write capability on non-volatile memory

Wireless Solution Features

  • Communication between forecourt devices and FCC in Sales Room will be without any dependency on ‘line of sight’
  • Communication reliability is agnostic of environmental effects like rain, any metallic or non metallic hurdle
  • All wireless equipment’s will be mounted above 1.2 meters from base of DU
  • Data communication between DU and FCC is encrypted
  • Boot-up time of master wirelesses equipment and connected forecourt slave wireless equipment is less than 20 seconds
  • Built in Redundancy incase FCC is failed still DU will be in automation
  • Wireless Interface is available with Price Signs, Forecourt Printers, OPT & ATG