Philippines: New Direct Fuel Delivery Service Launched

Gasmee Corporation Philippines has launched a new fuel-delivery service at the PW Conference being held at the Shangri-La Fort, Global City, Manila.

Gasmee Corporation Philippines (“Gasmee”), is a new company offering an on-demand service for fuel delivery, targeting busy professionals, households and fleet owners.

Founded by CEO Christian Jon Rillera with Michael Martens (CEO Aicone Group) as the Managing Partner, Gasmee is seen as a prospective business model that will revolutionize the way vehicles are refueled. Gasmee’s mobile app and the following services it offers will provide a new level of time-efficiency at a less accumulative cost, supporting productivity and impacting social and environmental progress for a better world.

CEO, Christian Jon Rillera stated, “Our vision is to fuel the world with one platform that will ease the life of our customers and partners.” The idea of Gasmee is to offer solutions considering 4 aspects of a modern world: Time, Cost, Social Responsibility, and the Environment. Gasmee’s offers of competitive pricing, trustworthy payment system, generated invoice service, and subscription benefits add up to its marketing value.

Gasmee’s Mobile App, integrated with smart metering, GPS location device, efficient demand-based order management, and automated invoice method, can now be downloaded at the Google PlayStore.

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